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    What makes a good resume GREAT?


    1. The layout

    The average recruiter or HR manager will make their decision within 30 seconds, so first impressions count. Choose fonts that are easy to read and use consistent formatting to keep your resume simple and professional. Ensure that you use appropriate headings such as “Career Overview”, “Educational Background” and “Employment History”, to ensure that your resume is easy to navigate.

     2. Your relevant experience and education

    As there are usually many applications for each and every role, recruiters will often skim over resumes looking for keywords that match their hiring criteria. Therefore, review the job description that the employer has posted and tailor your resume to reflect the role that you are applying for. Keep your resume concise and ensure to highlight any key words that will make it easier for the recruiter to spot relevant, key points.

    3. Include a cover letter

    A cover letter is your first opportunity to introduce yourself, present your qualifications and convince the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for the advertised role. It also shows that you’ve taken the time to personalise your application and are interested in working for that particular company. By not providing a cover letter, it can send the wrong message to the recruiter that you are not serious about that particular role and that you have not taken the time to compile a cover letter addressing them and summarising why you think you would be well suited for the role.

    4. Include at least two references

    Just remember it’s all about ease of process for the HR manager/recruiter, so be sure to include at least two references that can be easily contactable. Confirm that your references know that you’ve listed them on your resume and are prepared to give a statement that will reflect positively on you.

    5. Eliminate possible questions

    Read your resume and see if you would question anything in it. Are there big gaps in the resume? Are you jumping from job to job? Have you not worked in the last six months? By addressing these questions in your resume, this will prevent the recruiter from making their own assumptions and possibly making an unconscious/conscious bias about your ability to be well suited for the role. By eliminating resume questions, you are ensuring that any questions that might come to mind, are addressed.

    Best of luck on your employment journey from the team at Hobart Resume!

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