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    Strategies to Improve your Career Search in 2017


    It’s the second month of 2017, and your job search has become rather stale. You had plans to find a new career before the end of 2016. Where have you gone wrong? Are you the wrong candidate for every job which you have applied? Is it your resume? Or maybe you’re just taking the wrong approach. Whatever the reason, don’t fret, because tips are on the way and we’ll have you blasting into a new career!


    Pinpoint the company(s) and not a job– Often it is this first step that is done wrong. You know the role you’re looking for, so you keep scouring job postings to only come up empty handed. This is where you’re doing it wrong! Do your research and make a target list of companies for which you would like to work. Maybe the company is close to your home; they are known for having an amazing culture; or maybe it’s simply the industry. Whatever the reason, make a list and find out what’s happening within the organization. This can give insight on what’s going on and if there’s plans to expand in the future.


    Target the decision maker– Now that you have uncovered your company(s) of interest and have done your research, it’s time to do some connecting! You will want to do an internet search and find the correct person of contact. Maybe you’re looking for an accounting position, so you may want to do a search on the Director or VP of Accounting for the company. You can also try and use Linkedin to uncover this information. Once you have identified the decision maker or the key player(s), you should reach out via Linkedin and introduce yourself and try and schedule a call or a meeting. The goal is to get yourself in front of them and make yourself be the candidate that’s top of mind.


    Refresh your resume– I would suggest enlisting the help of a resume writer to help to give your resume a nice refresh or maybe even a complete overhaul. Hobart Resume is team of experienced professional writers with background in Human Resources. It’s so important to make sure that this little document presents you in the best possible way and Hobart Resume’s writers know how to make this happen. They will be able to sell your talents and showcase what you can accomplish for the new company, as you have for others in the past. You will want to send your resume to the decision maker or if you were able to schedule an actual face to face, you will want to bring it along.


    Make sure to bring the best and most prepared “you” to the interview or meeting. Let the employer know what made you so impressed with the company and how it’s a perfect fit with your experience.

    A 30, 60, 90-day plan is also worth having. This will allow you to view what you will be able to accomplish for the company in that amount of time. The more research you have done, the more you will blow them away and give them no reason to look any further.


    For more information on how you could avail of professional resume writing services with assistance from degree qualified professionals, please contact 1300 174 435 or send an email to [email protected]

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