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    How to Survive a Redundancy


    With the Western Australian resources sector continuing to slow down, unemployment is at a record 6.6% high leading to thousands of redundancies across the state.

    Hobart Resume has put together a list of 5 points on how to survive a redundancy:

    • Be strategic when it comes to applying for other roles. Finding a job is a job in itself. Think about the type of role that you are looking for and then look at multiple platforms, in which you can apply for work. We all know about the Seek.com.au, however have you looked at Indeed, Mycareer or careerone for example? Alternatively, you can always go through a recruitment agency. There may be multiple benefits of going through a recruitment agency, such as established relationships with key employers and a more personalised approach.
    • Have a plan B). Go back to study? On average it takes about three months to land a role. However, at times it can take much longer. Therefore, it might be time to look at other options, such as upskilling or even furthering your education during that time.
    • If you have been in the resources sector for a while, working in another industry might be daunting. However, there are certain industries which are currently rapidly growing. Industries which are currently doing well in WA are Agriculture, education, tourism and health – so why not look for employment opportunities within these industries?
    • Have you ever thought about starting your own small business instead? Have you ever had a burning desire to start a small business? Well maybe, now is your time! There are some fantastic support services out there, which would be able to assist you with starting your own business. One such company is Business Station – 9301 8000. You can book in to see an advisor (FREE of charge) and they will be able to assist you face to face with any support that you may need. Business Station has expert professionals in areas such as new business start ups, marketing, HR, Legal support and accounting to name a few. Plus there are great (FREE) workshops which can also assist with your new small business. Some upcoming workshops can be found here: www.ecubusinesscentre.com.au/events
    • Make sure you have a professional resume. Last, but not least – if you are applying for jobs, make sure that you have a professional resume that will highlight your individual background in the best possible light. First impressions do count when it comes to resumes. By ensuring that your resume is professionally written, the employer will be able to navigate through your experience easily allowing them to make a quick first impression and decision. With an average of 200 applications per role, you need to do anything you can to stand out from the crowd. leveragedresume.com.au – [email protected]

    All the best from the team at Hobart Resume

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